Monday, 24 August 2015

Writing Competition: Holly

How to Draw a Secret Shape

If you follow these instructions carefully you will draw the secret shape. 

You will need:

1. Draw a horiontal rectangle about 20cm long in the middle of the page.
2. Draw the diagonal line across the page.
3. Draw a circle on the botton half of the rectangle.
4. Draw 2 circles out  the side but half a circle.
5. Draw a triangle at the top with a circle in it and at the bottom draw  a triangle and in the rectangle.

If you have followed these instructions you will have the secret shape.
By Holly - Waka Stride 


  1. Hi Holly,
    well done for using 'Bossy Verbs' like stand, draw and colour to to start each step. To make it better - fix the word paper.
    Next time you could draw some diagrams.

    From Stride Team

  2. Great work Holly at using lots of the success criteria for instructions like numbered steps on a new line that begin with an imperative verb.

    Team Judge


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