Thursday, 27 August 2015

Writing Competition: The Dragon

One day a little leprechaun was dancing around a pot of gold when something fell out of the sky, into his pot of gold. Leprechaun jumped in fright. He looked in his pot of gold and said " I found an egg I found an egg in me pot of gold.

Suddenly the egg cracked open and a little dragon jump out onto leprechaun's two fingers. Leprechaun was so surprised his green hat feel off. Leprechaun was so excited he just started running towards a big dark cave. Just then before he new it he was in the big dark cave but just then leprechaun heard a big dragon roar leprechaun thought it was the baby dragon but no it definitely  wasn't the baby dragon it was…

Baby dragon's mother. The big dragon was way bigger than leprechaun and way bigger then the cave so the mother was crouching down in the cave. Just then the big dragon roared once again and started chasing leprechaun. But leprechaun was taking no notice of the big dragon. Leprechaun jumped he found out that the big dragon was chasing him.

So leprechaun started running he was trying to figure out why the big dragon was chasing leprechaun raised his hand and said light bulb because he had found out why the big dragon was chasing him because baby dragon was the big dragons son or girl. Leprechaun tried to get the baby dragon off leprechauns two fingers but he would not come off. The leprechaun kept trying and trying and trying and trying and trying and trying till finally baby dragon came off and leprechaun lived happily ever after.

by Molly  - Waka Stride  

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  1. Great work Molly on using paragraphs and a range of different sentence starts. Well done on adding the clause 'into his pot of gold.'

    Next Steps:
    Read the second paragraph and last paragraph out loud to check on the 'super long' sentences.


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