Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Dragon Buddy Story - Poppy

The Dragon

I knocked on that crooked little door. 

Suddenly I felt a tingle go down my spine and then out of nowhere an old lady appeared. The old lady stood there with that knobbly nose of hers, clinging onto her wrinkly face. She wore a little red riding hood cloak but in a dark dark mean black colour. 

She began to speak but suddenly she got interrupted by a squeaky voice. "well, what do we have here?"  piped up a dragon who popped up over the old lady's shoulder. 

The small dragon's eyes peered straight at me. He jumped  at me and blew a ball of flickering fire straight up my nose and out my mouth. 

I started yelling "What is the matter with you," as I rubbed my red nose.
 "Well what do you think?" crackled the grotty old witch. 

By Poppy - Waka Stride


  1. Some great description here Poppy. That 'I felt a tingle go down my spine' really draws me into the story. Great work on using speech marks and clauses with a comma.

    Team Judge

  2. AWARD:
    1st place Certificate

    1. Why thank you Allana,
      Me and my buddy enjoyed making that story very much she was quite excited about that 1st place prize thank you very much I appreciated it very much thank you. Poppy��


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