Monday, 24 August 2015

Writing Competition - Sjaak

Buddy Writing Dragon Story

Breaking News

"Welcome back to three news. Two days ago there was a report of small dragons burning down houses with rapid fire balls."

Out the window I could see a group of dragons flying around and then The dragons turn back and regroup to form a dragon the size of a house.

"ARGHH"!!!! as the news reporter gets hit by a swarm of dragons firing fire balls. Two seconds later shhhhhhhhhhhhhh the screen went blank and I could only hear static in the news studio.

I look at the window of my house and I see a swarm of Dragons heading towards my house. So I ran outside as fast as my legs could carry me. I sprint towards my truck and drive out of the city as fast as I could possibly go.

Buddy Writing Sjaak, Waka Stride

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  1. Using a news report is a clever choice Sjaak. I love your selection of words like swarm and static. Great work on using paragraphs.

    Next Step:
    You need to make it clear to the reader as I got confused with the switching between the news and you as the narrator. Just use more clues and signposts so we know who is talking.
    e.g. Back at my house, I could see...

    Team Judge


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