Saturday, 29 August 2015

Writing Competition - Charlotte

Buddy Writing - Dragon Story

There was a crackly door across the road. 
My friends deared me to go an knock on the door ah said the people from next door there's a big big dragon.
Suddenly  the dragon said come here. I said ok he tickled me it was funny. The dragon tock me home. mum said were have you been? I siad no were mum gave me a smile. I siad by to the dragon. Me and the dragon were best friends forever.

By Charlotte - Waka Stride

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  1. Well sone Charlotte. I can see some simple sentences that add tension at the beginning.

    Try to put speech marks around the talking.

    Mum said "Where have you been?"
    I said "Nowhere." Mum gave me a smile.

    Team Judge


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