Monday, 25 March 2019

This is the 'Learning Pit'

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

What am I ?-Darcie

What am I?
people say i'm not real
I have a cape
I could come out at BLOOD MOON

Friday, 16 October 2015

what am I?- Darcie

What am I?
I come out at night
I am black
I can fly

Friday, 25 September 2015

Writing compition Charlotte

On a sunny bright clear day there was a man going to jump of a cliff .Ah I'm so SCEARED I don t no why I even did this my heart is pounding so fast. I could feel my hands my pans were pushing the air. The jandles sitting abounded on the sandy beach side. When I looked at the rocks on the right hand side they looked as they were coming to me.cliifs are crumbling like there's been a earthquake . His cloths are jiggling like he has rinckils in his T wondering what he was thinking when he jumped of the cliff.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Moment in time: Dogs playing.

I can hear my owner calling to me, telling me to come back, but I ignored her. I am a black and white dog, I have a white face with a black patch, plus a black back as black as coal, as well as a white tummy and chest. My drenched fur is like smooth silk My tail is black with a white tip. My eyes are light blue like the  colour of the sea rippling.

The smell of the salty sea entered my nose and a few splashes of water go down my throat that tasted salty. The 
water gliding through my hind legs and fur feels like a hundred ghosts flying through the trees of a haunted forest. The brownish dog licked my face. Suddenly I stare off into the distance, out there is something. Thoughts raced through my head like a horse in a horse race, what is out there? Was it dangerous? If so would it kill me?

Moment in Time - Under Water by Holly

The water is bright blue shimmery and shiny. Most of the fish are as colourful like a butterfly. It makes me wonder is there a shark is hiding amongst the sea weed. The fish it feels like a scaley monster. The fish has a scaley back. And is splashing and flapping up and down. The shells are the colour of lapis under the water it is beautiful.

From Holly  

Buddy Writing - Bird and Cat Buddies

What am I?
I have black scaly wings with tips flapping in the wind. I have a little patch of grass green shaped like a jellybean in the middle of my back. I have a short lemon beak.

My best friend is a ginger cat almost the same size as me. We have been friends since I was born. My best friend looks like a ball of fluff.

I soar through the sky like an airplane. I can complete 5 loop-de-loop in a row. 

Written by Holly and Tegan, with the help of their buddy Zoe