Sunday, 30 August 2015

Jed instructons

This is a cool secret shape and you will be able to draw this if you follow these instructions. 

 pencil or pen 
A focussed mind 

Steps to take: 
1. Draw horizontal and vertical lines to make a cross in the middle of the page, taking up most of the page. 
2. Draw a little cercle around the middle of the cross.
3. Draw another cercle on the right hand side and left. 
4. Draw a triangle on the top and bottom like a flag.
5. Draw 4 dots on a dianglenle from top to bottom on the top left side.
6. Draw a sgiley top to bottom on the right bottom line.

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  1. Great work Jed on having an introduction and numbered steps on a new line. I can see each step beginning with an imperative verb.

    We need a clear title and an ending.

    Team Judge


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