Sunday, 30 August 2015

Dragon Buddy Writing - Todd & Jed

                                   NEWS REPORT

Now for the top story. A pretty a news woman says to her two male work partners. "Billionare Jedi-jo has just finished and opened his brand new Dragon World." "The place is said to be the biggest undertakement in genetic scientific history Todd Thompson is there live. "So what is all the fuss Todd?" "Well Sheryl, the huge fuss here is the possibility that these fire breathing lizards could come to life." "I am sitting in one of Jedi-Joes $100,000 4x4 electronically powered touring trucks that gives a completely safe tour of these amazing lizards. Meanwhile in the control room Bob the security guard dropped his cheeseburger and fried the system. Alarms blared as the system fries as the powerful muster source eats throw the wires. meanwhile at the tour truck. here we have the most feroucous dragon of all is called FLUFFY this dragons breath can melt 100,0000 skulls. Just as Todd Thompson finished saying skulls FLUFFY gave a gigantic roar of hate and thrusted his claws at the fence and there was no electric shock every one stood stock still FLUFFy smashed throw the fence are you tired of sleeping in a hard bed well now you have to come down beds beds beds we sell super cheap beds and soft ones to so call now on 0800 333 27498. the viewers at home could here the screams and FLUFFY took his first victim and there will be more...

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  1. Wow there is heaps of writing here. Great work on using speech marks in your writing. You also choose dome interesting vocabulary like: electronically, genetic, possibility and victim.

    Use paragraphs so my eye can move around your writing easily. You could also put every new speaker on a new line with the speech.

    Team Judge


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