Thursday, 24 September 2015

Moment in time: Dogs playing.

I can hear my owner calling to me, telling me to come back, but I ignored her. I am a black and white dog, I have a white face with a black patch, plus a black back as black as coal, as well as a white tummy and chest. My drenched fur is like smooth silk My tail is black with a white tip. My eyes are light blue like the  colour of the sea rippling.

The smell of the salty sea entered my nose and a few splashes of water go down my throat that tasted salty. The 
water gliding through my hind legs and fur feels like a hundred ghosts flying through the trees of a haunted forest. The brownish dog licked my face. Suddenly I stare off into the distance, out there is something. Thoughts raced through my head like a horse in a horse race, what is out there? Was it dangerous? If so would it kill me?

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