Monday, 21 September 2015

Dogs at the beach - Poppy

On this sweet summer day I was tanning and to my surprise I could see a border collie and a schnauzer playing in the turquoise  blue sea. Both the dogs had the smell of salty water stench in bedded  in there hay like  fur. The wispy clouds float and dissolve in the milky blue sky. Also to my surprise the schnauzer was looking some were else. They started leaping on the top of each other as that started to happen little squirrel yelps started floating out of there mouths. The  dogs were mysteriously both kind of creeping up on each other but still looking away At some other random ball or bone. I started sprinting down the wharf  trying to catch a better glimpse at the dogs mysterious collision . The dogs have some kind of connection I have never seen before.  There body's jumping up and out of the jelly like sea. There paws sinking into the golden sand. The playing or collision started dieing down and I walked all the way home.   

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