Monday, 21 September 2015

Moment in time: dogs on the beach by Sjaak

The dog is jumping. The water is raging like white fire. Paws are flying.

One dog has glassy blue eyes that are staring at his ball lying on the beach. But wait, another dog is about to nip the other one's leg! Every thing that is one metre or more away from the fighting dogs is dead calm but the droplets of water around the splashing dogs are literally flying!

They are splashing water on to each other. In the background the fary has just left port. The dogs names are Snouser Wouser and Perilous Patch.

Snouser Wouser is about to bite Perilous Patch! Perilous patch will get the ball. His owner is calling him. The people at the show behind them are watching the fighting dogs.

 But, in the end they will have to go home. Hang on a second, They are still here! They are still splashing for the ball. There tails are waging around like flags in a very strong wind.

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